Mexico 2016

The Casio CK500 is a vintage synthesizer from the 80s, it is equipped with a cassette recorder and player, FM radio, audio inputs and outputs. In 2016 I invited some artists from Mexico City for a series of sessions where they improvise with the possibilities of this instrument.

0:00​ Tito Rivas
3:11​ Erick Diego
8:20​ Barbara Lazara
11:31​ Manuel Rocha Iturbide
16:11​ Carlos Olvera
20:51​ Arcangelo Constantini
25:09​ Aimée Theriot
29:04​ Guillermo Santamarina
33:19​ Daniel Lara Ballesteros

Production and mixing by Daniel Lara Ballesteros
MUCA Roma Mexico City from January to April 2016