This is a list of my pieces. The majority are open to observation and
experimentation in order to reach decisive conclusions.

All the sounds of this dossier are results of digital sound synthesis based on
figures of hertz scale values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I can calculate by dowsing. It is worth
mentioning that they are a kind of spoken portrait, a limited approach to my
natural channels of perception.

Dowsing is an ancient knowledge to perceive the radiation of minerals, living
beings and even non-matter by means of simple artifacts such as pendulums
or rods of wood or copper.

The content must be taken as poetic experiences or my particular feeling
rather than absolute facts, closer to pseudoscience.
Dowsing and sound artworks
Human beings
Vibration archive
Maybe something lighter than the air
Flora kingdom
Yarumo, Dialogues and resonances
Dowsing and plants vibratios