Maybe something lighter than the air

It is a score and a document that keeps me fascinated and also puzzled. It is a bet to the possibility of being a clairvoyant of my own creations of the future, a dialogue with my creative potential or inner aspect that can be called soul, essence, or inner teacher. The dialogue began when my conscious part of this reality made consultations with a pendulum in my hand to interpret the creation of a new melody, step by step.

To my surprise, the series of channeled frequencies had a musical congruence that exceeds my musical composer capabilities. This sequence of notes was converted to scores by musicians who had no difficulty interpreting them with conventional instruments.

For my luck, I discovered later the Unfolding Theory of Time by Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet, this book explains from a scientific perspective the possibility of traveling quantitatively to the future to solve problems of the present time.
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Maybe something lighter than the air
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