Poetic resonances 

This current project includes research into the processes for finding subtle auditory frequencies that are concentrated within living beings (humans, animals, plants, minerals). With the found data the artist creates aural experiences through sound compositions, which are ultimately presented as sound installations or live acts.
In the present day, there exists various different technological processes to interpret the signals of frequencies emitted by live beings, by means of its energy. In my work I adopt ancient methods that are understood as hidden sciences – specifically dowsing – a technique that will perhaps always have its critics. I was introduced to the process by witnessing its efficiency in finding water deposits with clear precision, regarding orientation, depth and quantities of contained water.

Dowsing works by making subtle contact between hands/fingers and pendulums, copper rods, or bifurcated branches. The responses of subtle movements or impulses are binary, so can be interpreted as a “yes” or “no”. It is therefore possible to arrive at accurate approximations about what is sought – in this case the values of internal frequencies in living beings – and for this I managed to establish a method of questions, protocols and a board that simplifies the search procedure. Finding the data generates frequency sounds from software that creates sine waves.

The characteristics of these values are usually severe tones, between 70hz and 220hz, which stimulate body mass, but it is also possible to obtain higher values from 380hz to figures above 20,000hz, which continue to rise to higher data, which are possible to reproduce technologically but imperceptible to the human ear – despite this the vibrations can still be felt.

Record of six different sounds of people found by tests of dowsing and generated by means of software generator of sine waves. is necessary to listen with headphones.  

Each individual person or plant contains a group of different frequencies, comparable to what is understood in music as a chorus of microtonal voices. So besides being unique values in each being, the combination of tones completes that hallmark with rhythms, pulses or different sensations.

These microtonal choruses, with their impulses and wave behaviors, become the raw material for compositions of experimental electronic music and the creation of multichannel sound spaces.


Frequencies found in “Hand of Bear” tree (Bogota National Park 2017)

The resulting track has a very relaxing and stimulating sound for deep meditation. Listeners are exposed to these vibrations for an hour-long session.

The audio can be heard in this link and it is necessary to listen with headphones.

Jardín Sonoro # 1 (Bogotá 2017)

Sound composition based on low frequencies sounds found in three tropical plants of Central America, “Hand of Bear”, “Yarumo”, “Brugmansia”, Unique version in 7-inch handmade record Cover book for the record, illustrated by hand in ink on paper by the same artist.

Sound workshops: mind and perception (Bogotá/Medellín 2017)

The workshops I initiate and run are open to audiences of all backgrounds, ages or professions and with an interest in the theme of sound as a physical phenomenon. The unique vision and participation of each individual enriches the content of the workshop and the results influence and inform future research, workshops and the creation of new artistic works.

As results of the work of the workshop participants create sound pieces such as the one I show on the following link, consists of recording sounds generated with bottles full of water used as musical instruments, which have been tuned to certain frequencies that facilitate Concentration for an exercise in sound meditation. So the participants listen and trigger the sounds themselves to create a relaxation and mindfulness experience.

The Primordial State (Monterrey México 2016)

Sculptural installation built of bamboo, which is also functions as a sound / musical instrument driven by the spectators themselves or by the impulse of the wind. Using this artefact they create atmospheres of relaxing sounds that facilitate deep meditation practice where both experts and novices in the subject can feel equally immersed.
To achieve the desired atmosphere the participants were introduced to various exercises in which they conducted and listened to the instrument, operated using a simple method.
Listen to a sound recording of the first session held in July 2016 on the outskirts of Monterrey N.L.

Alloy (Mexico City 2016)

Alloy is a sound installation that has been arranged in eight speakers, each one reproducing multiple overlapping sine-wave tracks – frequencies designed from the frequency register of a Gong. The synthesis of these digital sounds imitates that of the acoustic instrument in terms of its frequency values, in slight variants of hertz. By means of programming and editing the sound of the installation it has been sculpted, broken down and expanded in time and space, offering a sensory and introspective experience where the vibrations of the sound touch every particle of the listener’s body.
The project was presented in the Sonorous Space of the Lake House of the Forest of Chapultepec, February 2016.It is suggested to listen using headphones


Pan Trance (Mexico City 2016)

Installation consisting of thirty melodic tracks in a five note scale, designed and recorded for fifteen continuous days (two tracks per day). Each track was created spontaneously, a process similar to auto-writing or automatic drawing. A thirty day diary in the form of a sonorous and spatial mental map, which can be traversed without a precise order. The sound of its totality prevails and the passerby can freely focus their attention on each situation or moment recorded during the fifteen day trance of November 2015.

Harmonnoise Project

The main objective of this project is to integrate the composition of sound with the intrinsic power of instrumental sounds – both natural or electronic – and to design and create warm sound environments capable of stimulating the body and mind of the listener, positive and powerful through its vibrations and beauty. The recordings are produced on limited edition, handmade discs, in an edition of one to ten copies per album. In the case of the unique pieces, the disc artwork is handmade by the artist. listen to the artisan recordings in this link


Daniel Lara Ballesteros (Monterrey México 1976)

Graduated in visual arts from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. He began his career in sound explora- tion in 1999 with acoustic, digital and analogue resources, alternating in different disciplines (Installation, perfor- mance, music, live coding, live video )
Where the sound is the main axis. . Starting in 2011, a more humanistic vision emerges as he integrates practices of meditation and oriental philosophical concepts into his works. He has participated in sound exploration festivals such as Meditatio Sonus (2012 and 2016, Mexico). FACTO (2013, Mexico),
Radar Experimental Music Festival (2010, Mexico) ESO… Third International Festival of Sonund Art (2001, Mexico), Transitio MX Electronic Arts Festival (2005, Mexico), Contemporary Art Fair ARCO (2005 Madrid), Luminaria Arts Festival (2014 San Antonio Tx). He is currently a resident artist of
FLORA ars+natura (2017 Bogotá Colombia).

Educational training
2001 Degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
2011-2015 Philosophical Formation of Tibetan Buddhism with Dilgo Khientse Yangsi Rinpoche, Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, Dzongsar Khientse Rinpoche, Adzom Gyalse Rinpoche, Matthiew Ricard, Sean Price, Karma Tshultrim and Lopez Tashi, all from the Shechen Monastery of Bhutan, studying at their center in Mexico City.

2015 Spanish institution of Sound Therapy, Mexico City.
Awards Outstanding Distinctions
2017 Fellow and resident of the Flora School Program in FLORA ars+natura Bogotá Colombia.
2016 Guest Artist in the Curatorial Program of the XII Biennial FEMSA Monterrey, Mexico.
2015 Fellow of the Program to Encourage Artistic Creation and Development PECDA. For the State of Nuevo León, Mexico
2010 Beneficiary of the Program of Promotion and Cultural Coinvestments of FONCA. Mexico City. 2006 Fellow of the Young Creators Program of FONCA. Mexico City.

Individual Exhibitions
2016 Retrospective of the premature. Installation/ action No Automatico Gallery . Monterrey México.
2016 “Aleación” Installation in the Sound Space of Casa del Lago UNAM Mexico City, Curator of Tito Rivas.
2015 Presentation of Sound Sculpture in Lugar Común , within the framework of the XII Biennial FEMSA Monterrey México.
2010 The Purity of the Imperfect, Individual Exhibition (Video-installation) Curaduría de Ricardo Guzmán. Don Apolonio Gallery , San Andrés Cholula Puebla.
2008 Alkaline efflorescence, Individual exhibition, Curaduria of Arcangel Constantini 1⁄4 Gallery Mexico City. 2005 Subjective Inventory. Individual exhibition, Alternativa Once Gallery instead. San Pedro Garza Garcia
Nuevo León Mexico.
2000 Untitled, Cycle of Emerging Artists, Individual Exhibition, French Alliance of Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico.

Collective Exhibitions
2016 Poetics of decrease. How to live better with Less ?, The curatorial program of the XII Biennial FEMSA,
curated by Willy Kautz and Leo Marz.
2016 “Kozmic blues. BETWEEN CONTROL / DESCONTROL “At the CCU BUAP Art Gallery, Guillermo Santamarina Curator.
2016 “Resonances In the Garden of Delights, An Auditory and Entropy Experience” Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Guillermo Santamarina Curator.
2015 Différance (diferent deferred) Exhibition of Arte Sonro, Lelaboratoire Gallery, Mexico City. Curator of Manuel Rocha Iturbide and Bárbara Perea. Le Laboratorie Gallery, Mexico City.
2013 Tech Noir – Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Of video-art. Curator of Ana Montiel, Lucia Cavalchini and Rodrigo González, previously presented at ICL León during the Cervantino International Festival (2010), Espacio Meno- suno, at the International Videoart Projector Festival, Madrid (2011) and Kilburn Festival Fim, London (2011 ). 2010 (READY) MEDIA: Toward an Archeology of the Media and the Invention in Mexico.Curaduría de Manuel Rocha Iturbide. Laboratory Alameda Art. Mexico DF
2010 Darker than the night / Collective – Interdiscipline. Curator of Gabriel Mestre, Casino Metropolitano Mexico DF
2009 “CHPPDNSCRWD” Collective – Interdisciplinary, Curatorial Brett W. Shultz. Gallery Yautepec. Mexico City. 2009 “Performagia” Festi- val Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City and Tlaxcala Art Museum. Tlaxcala Mx.
2009 Cultural Corridor Roma Condesa “, Border Cultural Center. Mexico DF
2009 Visiónica, sonoro and video art. Curator of Lucia Cavalchini, National Fonoteca. Mexico DF
2008 Islas de Resguardo Sonoro, within the framework of the inauguration of the National Fonoteca. Curadu- ria of Arcangel Constanti- ni, Mexico City
2006 Better than sex, better than Disneyland, video-art. Curator of Marco Arce, Gallery Ramis Barquet Chelsea of New York, New York.

2002 Between Home, Collective Exhibition. Curator of Andrea Echeverri and Jaime Cerón, Santa Fe Gallery, Bogota Colombia.
2001 “With Fulgente Hado” Exposition Extramuros of the Museum Ex Teresa Arte Actual. Curator of Gillermo Santamarina.
2000 Nipper, Collective exhibition of sound art. Curator of Marco Granados University Library Raúl Rangel Frías. Monterrey N.L.