Bio – C.V.


Daniel Lara Ballesteros

b. 1976, Monterrey, Mexico

Daniel Lara Ballesteros is a new media and sound artist based in Monterrey and Mexico City. He graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2001. Daniel has participated in the following sound art events:Meditatio Sonus, FACTO(Festival of Sound Artifacts), Radar Festival and Transitio MX. Recent exhibitions and residencies include: “Yarumo. Dialogos y Resonancias” solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín,  “Aleación 1 y 2”, Espacio Sonoro de Casa del Lago (Mexico City), FEMSA Biennial XII (Monterrey). He was a resident artist in FLORA ars+natura (Bogotá) in 2017 and currently at RAVI Liege (Belgium) in 2018.

He is supported by the National System of Art Creators at FONCA (National Fund for Culture and the Arts) in Mexico.

Educational training
2001 Degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.
2011-2015 Philosophical Formation of Tibetan Buddhism with Dilgo Khientse Yangsi Rinpoche, Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, Dzongsar Khientse Rinpoche, Adzom Gyalse Rinpoche, Matthiew Ricard, Sean Price, Karma Tshultrim and Lopez Tashi, all from the Shechen Monastery of Bhutan, studying at their center in Mexico City.
2015 Certified on sound therapy by Spanish institution of Sound Therapy, Mexico City.
Awards Outstanding Distinctions.
2018 Artist selected for the Résidences / Ateliers Vivegnis International program RAVI in Liège Belgium.
2017 National System of Art Creators of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) in México.
2016 Fellow and resident of the Flora School Program in FLORA ars+natura Bogotá Colombia.
2016 Guest Artist in the Curatorial Program of the XII Biennial FEMSA Monterrey, Mexico.
2015 Fellow of the Program to Encourage Artistic Creation and Development PECDA. For the State of Nuevo León, Mexico.
2010 Beneficiary of the Program of Promotion and Cultural Coinvestments of FONCA. Mexico City.
2006 Fellow of the Young Creators Program of FONCA. Mexico City.Individual
Solo Exhibitions
2018 Yarumo. Dialogos y Resonancias Museum of Modern Art of Medellín
2016 “Aleación” Installation in the Sound Space of Casa del Lago UNAM Mexico City, Curated by Tito Rivas.
2015 Presentation of Sound Sculpture in Lugar Común , within the framework of the XII Biennial FEMSA Monterrey México.
2010 The Purity of the Imperfect, Individual Exhibition (Video-installation) Curated by Ricardo Guzmán. Don Apolonio Gallery , San Andrés Cholula Puebla.
2008 Alkaline efflorescence, Individual exhibition, Curated by Arcangel Constantini 1⁄4 Gallery Mexico City.
2005 Subjective Inventory. Individual exhibition, Alternativa Once Gallery instead. San Pedro Garza Garcia
Nuevo León Mexico.
2000 Untitled, Cycle of Emerging Artists, Individual Exhibition, Curated by Pierre Raine, French Alliance of Monterrey Nuevo León Mexico.
2016 “Meditatio Sonus” Festival Oaxaca City, Mx.
2014 “Luminaria” Arts Festival, San Antonio Tx. 2013 “FACTO” Sound Artifacts Festival, México City.
2012 “Meditatio Sonus” Chapultepec Forest, México City.
2010 “Radar” Sound art and experimental music festival, México City. 2005 “Arco 05 ” Madrid Spain.
2005 “Transitio MX“ Electronic art festival, México City.

2001 “ESO …” Third International Sound Art Festival, México City.

Collective Exhibitions

2018 “In a World of Endless Rainfall” Galerie Für Gegenwartskunst E-Werk, Freiburg Germany.

2017 “This is temporary”, shows that collects the works of FLORA 2017 resident artists. Curated by JoséRoca and exhibited in “La Casita” in Bogotá.
2016 Poetics of decrease. How to live better with Less? The curatorial program of the XII Biennial FEMSA, curated by Willy Kautz and Leo Marz.
2016 “Kozmic blues. BETWEEN CONTROL / DESCONTROL”. At the CCU BUAP Art Gallery, Curated by Guillermo Santamarina.
2016 “Resonances In the Garden of Delights, An Auditory and Entropy Experience” Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Curated by Guillermo Santamarina.
2015 Différance (diferent deferred) Exhibition of Arte Sonro, Lelaboratoire Gallery, Mexico City. Curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide and Bárbara Perea. Le Laboratorie Gallery, Mexico City.
2013 Tech Noir, a video art exhibition presented on different cultural venues: ICL León during the Cervan- tino International Festival (2010), Espacio Menosuno, at the International Videoart Projector Festival, Madrid (2011) Kilburn Festival Fim, London (2011 ), and Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City (2013). Curated by Ana Montiel, Lucia Cavalchini and Rodrigo González.
2010 (READY) MEDIA: Toward an Archeology of the Media and the Invention in Mexico . Curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide. Laboratory Alameda Art, Mexico City.
2010 Darker than the night / Collective – Interdiscipline. Curated by Gabriel Mestre, Casino Metropolita- no. Mexico City.
2009 “CHPPDNSCRWD” Collective – Interdisciplinary, Curated by Brett W. Shultz. Gallery Yautepec. Mexico City.
2009 “Performagia” Festival Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City and Tlaxcala Art Museum. Tlaxcala Mx.
2009 Visiónica, sonoro and video art. Curated by Lucia Cavalchini, National Fonoteca. Mexico City.
2008 Islas de Resguardo Sonoro, within the framework of the inauguration of the National Fonoteca.Curated by Arcangel Constantini, Mexico City.
2006 Better than sex, better than Disneyland, video-art. Curated by Marco Arce, Gallery Ramis Barquet Chelsea of New York, New York.
2002 Between Home, Collective Exhibition. Curated by Andrea Echeverri and Jaime Cerón, Santa Fe Gallery, Bogota Colombia.
2001 “Con Fulgente Hado” Exposition Extramuros of the Museum Ex Teresa Arte Actual. Curated by Gillermo Santamarina.
2000 Nipper, Collective exhibition of sound art. Curated by Marco Granados. University Library Raúl Rangel Frías. Monterrey NL