Audiovisual project based on sound vibration phenomena, (cimatics). During the act the artist manipulates and mixes a series of vinyl records recorded by himself and microcomputers running Pure Data patches that contain different types of sound frequencies that shows visual patterns.

It is also an immersive and multisensory experience that attempts to sculpt time by designing extended sounds (drones) based on psychoacoustics.

In this project I have come to find my own methods of exploration with cimatics, I am satisfied with the results because they have been different from the known Chladni Plates. At the beginning my process was fortuitous when I recorded certain kinds of oscillations on vinyl records. Now through free software I have found ways to visualize very high frequencies, some close to ultrasound. Strange tonalities have emerged in this search and with it new processes to compose outside conventional structures

Exhibition / La Tallera / Cuernavaca México 2020
Performance / X Teresa Arte Actual / Mexico City 2019
Performance / Neofest /  Tehuacán México 2020