Installations / Actions

Feeling the song of a yarumo tree (Bogotá Colombia 2017)


Version of sound installation using two channels and wooden surface to extend the bass frequencies.


The Primordial State (Monterrey México 2016)

Sculptural installation built of bamboo, which also functions as a sound / musical instrument driven by the spectators themselves or by the impulse of the wind. By using this artefact, they create atmospheres of relaxing sounds that facilitate deep meditation practice where both experts and novices in the subject can feel equally immersed.

To achieve the desired atmosphere the participants were introduced to various exercises in which they conducted and listened to the instrument operated, by using a simple method.

Listen to a sound recording of the first session held in July 2016 on the outskirts of Monterrey N.L.

Alloy (Mexico City 2016)

Alloy is a sound installation that has been arranged in eight speakers, each one reprodu- cing multiple overlapping sine-wave tracks – frequencies designed from the frequency register of a Gong. The synthesis of these digital sounds imitates its frequency values of the acoustic instrument, in slight variants of hertz. By means of programming and editing the sound of the installation it has been sculp- ted, broken down and expanded in time and space, offering a sensory and introspective experience where the vibrations of the sound touch every particle of the listener’s body.

The project was presented in the Sonorous Space of the Lake House of the Forest of Chapultepec, February 2016.


Pan Trance (Mexico City 2016)

Installation consisting of thirty melodic tracks in a five note scale, designed and recorded for fifteen continuous days (two tracks per day). Each track was created spontaneously, a process similar to auto-writing or automatic drawing. A thirty day diary in the form of a sonorous and spatial mental map, which can be traversed without a precise order. The sound of its totality prevails and the passerby can freely focus their attention on each situation or moment recorded during the fifteen day trance of November 2015.