A first encounter with hidden Human Frequencies

Each release of this new generation of records shows patterns of shapes according to their sound content.

Depending on the waveform generated by synthesis, the grooves of the recording generate different textures on the surface of the disk.

During the months of June to September of 2017 in the city of Bogotá Colombia.

The artist called about 40 people to conduct individual interviews as a series of tests to find specific reactions of resonance of sympathetic. The sounds presented in this recording are the result of the interviews where each participant learned and applied the technique of dowsing to identify the cycles per second that make up the internal vibrations of the human body. The values and combinations of cycles per second found in each individual have been interpreted by digital oscillators that reproduce and amplify their sound at levels that are perceptible to the human ear and provokes in the listeners diverse stimuli of resonance of sympathetic.