Communication with Flora

A workshop with Daniel Lara Ballesteros  

We can communicate with the plant kingdom by utilizing dowsing techniques for investigation with the use of an interpretation tool, i.e. a wooden pendulum.

In the workshop we will learn different procedures for distinctive purposes in order to communicate with our subjects.

Dowsing is an ancient scientific method that is used to detect radiation at a distance, emitted from any body or form of energy (animals, plants, people), with the use of an instrument (tool). It is also known as “radiesthesia”, which comes from the Latin “radius” and Greek “asthessis”, which means “sensitivity towards radiations.” Our body functions as a receptor of these radiations/energies and thus transmits them through the dowsing instruments.

During a tour of a forest or park the following activities will take place:

  • Meditation with the trees in the forest.
  • Group interviews with the different species of the forest.
  • Introduction to “dowsing” (basic level).
  • Learning course on the different investigative procedures for obtaining quantitative responses from our natural subjects.

Maximum number of participants:

6 people in the morning

6 people in the afternoon

Communication with Flora from Discos Pretexto on Vimeo.