Cymatic Fabric is a live audiovisual project where the artist mixes and improvises with a series of vinyl records made by him, these same records visualize sound waves depending on the type of frequency that has been recorded.

The performance is a fabric composed of a selection of frequencies that can stimulate listeners to different states of mental and physical perception.

Sympathetic resonance in humans, clairvoyance practices, healing sounds, Chladni Plates and Moire paterns are some references.

It is a score and a document that keeps me fascinated and also puzzled. It is a bet to the possibility of being a clairvoyant of my own creations of the future, a dialogue with my creative potential or inner aspect that can be called soul, essence, or inner teacher. The dialogue began when my conscious part of this reality made consultations with a pendulum in my hand to interpret the creation of a new melody, step by step

To my surprise, the series of channeled frequencies had a musical congruence that exceeds my musical composer capabilities. This sequence of notes was converted to scores by musicians who had no difficulty interpreting them with conventional instruments.

For my luck, I discovered later The Unfolding Theory of Time by Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet, this book explains from a scientific perspective the possibility of traveling quantitatively to the future to solve problems of the present time.

Maybe Something lighter than the air

Listen to the performance of the score
Listen to the electronic version
All the artwork that is introduced in this
portfolio is based and inspired on:

The Unfolding Theory of Time
by Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet
The Clairvoyance methods of Emma Kunz
Cymatic Fabric

MAMM, MedellĂ­n Colombia 2018

This sound instalation is preceded by the dialogue that the artist establishes with a group of Yarumo trees of the Antoquia region (Colombia), through dowsing.
Through these, the artist interprets the vibrations that emanate from trees aiming to move and propagate those frequencies through a wooden platform, so the audience - seated or laying down- perceives vibration and sound in an intimate way.

Yarumo, dialogues and resonances

Listen with headpones
Document therapeutic sounds resulting from interpretations by dowsing with
different volunteers. Each frequency was designed according to each person,
causing states that generated a kind of relief to their emotional symptons.

Vibrations Archive